Lost – Episode 6.11: Happily Ever After

My immediate thoughts, theories and reactions following Episode 6.10 of Lost – The Package. This episode was shown on 6th April in the USA and will be shown on 9th April 2010 in the UK – don’t read on if you haven’t seen it yet, as this post contains spoilers!

Well, that was just brilliant.

I actually predicted the basic plot of the episode fairly well. This is what I posted elsewhere a few days ago:

And a Desmond episode is surely the most likely place for the return of Daniel Faraday. I reckon Widmore was asking Jin about electromagnetic pockets because he knows that by exposing Desmond to it, it will displace his consciousness and send him to the parallel-universe, where he can find Faraday and they can fix things using physics. This will be why the island isn’t finished with Des. I’d love it if they do something weird to Des, like zap him with an electromagnetic thingymajig, and then he wakes up in 2004 on the Oceanic 815 flight that he met Jack on in the season premiere.

And I was pretty much right. Charles zapped Desmond with some sort of electromagnetic coil, and he instantly found himself at LAX waiting for his luggage. He encountered Claire briefly. It was then revealed that he works for Charles Widmore in the parallel universe (which means that Charles survived the bomb on the island), and Charles gives him the job of looking after Charlie Pace, who is due to perform a concert with Charles’ son later that day. The son is, of course, Daniel Faraday, who I have bene waiting for since the end of last season.

It turns out that Charlie saw the image of a blonde girl who he instantly knew he loved, as he was passing into a coma on flight 815 before Jack saved him. Presumably that was Claire, and presumably when one is dying, their consciousness switches between realities. This puts Charlotte’s death into a new perspective, given her knowledge of ‘the well’ where Locke found the Frozen Donkey Wheel, and more recently Juliet’s death. Juliet seemed to be having a memory of meeting someone and going for coffee with them – perhaps Sawyer – as she was dying.

So anyway, Charlie is set on dying to get that feeling of absolute love back, and crashes Desmond’s car. Then, as Charlie drowns underwater, Desmond has a flashback of the moment he saw Charlie die in front of him at the Looking Glass in Season 3, and recalls the name Penny on his hand.

Desmond talks to Eloise, she seems to know a lot more than she says, which of course makes sense given that she was instrumental in the bomb being set off in 1977. She also tells him to stop looking for whatever it is he’s looking for (Penny), as he’s “not ready yet”.

Daniel Widmore (who is of course Faraday) chats to Desmond and reveals that despite being a musician, he was able to come up with physics equations that he couldn’t have possibly known, after seeing a girl that he knew he loved – presumably Charlotte. He explained that this must be because in another life, he set off a nuclear bomb which caused all this to happen. He tells Desmond that penny is his half-sister, and tells Des where he can find her.

Desmond finds Penny, and they arrange a date.

Desmond wakes up on the island, after only being unconscious for a few seconds, and is suddenly very cooperative and willing to help in whatever way he can. However, Widmore’s team is accosted by Sayid, who then leads Desmond away. Desmond does so willingly. The final scene shows Desmond, back in the parallel universe, asking Minkowski (his driver, and also the communication’s technician on the Kahana in season 4) for the oceanic 815 flight manifest, so that he can “show them something”.

It’s not clear if this is Desmond’s parallel self continuing after Desmond has woken up or not. Penny saw Desmond pass out, at which point he woke up on the island, so perhaps that final scene is what happens the next time Desmond is zapped back to the altverse.

An absolutely fantastic episode. I loved Ab Aeterno, but because Desmond and Daniel are my two favourite characters, that has to be my favourite for the season, and possibly one of my all-time favourites.


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