Lost – Episode 6.10: The Package

My immediate thoughts, theories and reactions following Episode 6.10 of Lost – The Package. This episode was shown on 30th March in the USA and will be shown on 2nd April 2010 in the UK – don’t read on if you haven’t seen it yet, as this post contains spoilers!

So, this episode was a Jin/Sun episode.

In the sideways-timeline, it turns out that Jin and Sun aren’t married, but are conducitng a secret affair. Jin’s money was confiscated at customs, and Keamy and Omar came to pick it up, with Mikhail Bakunin acting as translator, with two functioning eyes. In the end, we found out that the money was in fact a fee for Jin’s assassination, because Sun’s father had found out about the affair. But, of course, Sayid saved the day, although Sun was injured, and revealed that she is pregnant. That’s basically all that happened in the flash-sideways, although it’s very interesting to see Mikhail back, and working with Keamy who potentially has links to Widmore in the sideways-universe.

The original timeline was, as ever, far more exciting. Sun was confronted by Smokie, and hurt her head while running away, losing her ability to speak English in the process. This is a vaguely plausible injury I suppose. Jin was captured by Widmore’s team, who wanted him to point out where the electromagnetic anomalies on the island are. Smokie and Sayid went to get him back, and Smokie returned alone.

For much of the last ten minutes, everything was building up to the revelation of what ‘The Package’ is. When Widmore told Jin that the package is a ‘who’ rather than a ‘what’, three names came into my head. Desmond, sideways-Jin, and out of sheer depseration, sideways-Faraday.

In the end it was Sayid who first found out, having swam to the submarine. Ony of my three guesses was right, and perhaps it was the most ‘boring’ of the three – but excellent news either way. Desmond’s back! If only it is somehow the sideways-Desmond – that would be incredible.


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