Lost – Episode 6.8: Recon

My immediate thoughts, theories and reactions following Episode 6.8 of Lost – Recon. This episode was shown on 16th March in the USA and will be shown on 19th March 2010 in the UK – don’t read on if you haven’t seen it yet, as this post contains spoilers!

So, this week’s episode was Recon, centred around Sawyer.

After last week’s brilliant character-piece Dr. Linus, and the previous week’s incredibly intense Sundown, this episode was not quite so exciting. However, we had a fair few on-island reveals: Widmore’s submarine has docked on the Hydra island, and has a fully armed crew who are busy installing anti-Smoke Monster pylons. Smokey himself claimed to have an insane mother – something he has in common with John Locke himself, and now Aaron. I wonder if Smokey’s mother will ever be revisited? There are only 8 episodes left before the finale, so there isn’t really that much time!

In the flash-sideways, Sawyer is a cop and his partner is Miles, but he’s still hunting down the real Sawyer and appears not to have adopted that as his pseudonym. So – given that Anthony Cooper seems to be on friendly terms with Locke, what’s going on there? Did he stop his conning ways? Also, if Sawyer is a cop, why did he appear to help Kate escape at LAX? That said, the flash-sideways ends with Sawyer chasing and catching Kate. Charlotte’s back as Sawyer’s blind date – In ‘This Place Is Death’, in season 5, as Charlotte dies her mind flashes to various points in her life, including one point where she talks about marrying an American. I had previously thought that perhaps her mind was flashing between realities as well as points in time, in the same way that perhaps Juliet’s mind was moving between the two as she died (she talks about getting coffee and going Dutch), and that in the flash-sideways it would be revealed that Charlotte married Daniel Faraday, but maybe the American she was talking about was Sawyer?

I want to know how Widmore found the island. Last time we saw him, he was outside the hospital that Desmond had been taken to. Desmond had been shot by Ben, who had phoned Charles to say he was going back to the island but first he was going to kill Charles’ daughter, Penny. Charles said that the island wouldn’t let him return – so why is he now returning in a submarine just a few days later? Is Sun working with him?

Next week is ‘Ab Aeterno’, and apparently we’re going to find out Richard’s back-story. That should be an incredible episode, even if it does interrupt the present-day on-island events.

This season continues to go from strength to strength, but I want some Desmond and Faraday time before the season is over.


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